Wonderings 8

A New Year! 2020!

Let's see what we can all achieve this year. Where you leave this year will be the platform for 2021. We will have our ups and downs. Get a goal in mind, have the word progress in your daily thoughts, be honest, be brutal, be courageous, be happy, be yourself. 

The people who say the most mean the least, but the people who speak the least mean the most. Be wise with what you have to say, not all winds have a meaning except erosion.

I have no idea how many poets know me or my work. It may be 10, 100, or even a 1000. It's only zeros. It is more important with what you do for the people who know you than how many you are known by.

If you ask questions your brain is obliged to help find those answers. Even if it's months later when an answer comes by. The people who have no questions are the one's you will never learn from, so it is best to avoid this friendship. If they don't ask questions of themselves, then they will never ask questions of you. So you will both be dormant.

Are we any closer to where we want to be in life? It is 2020, am I getting to where I want to be or to who I am as a person. No. I am further away now than five years ago. Reason? There is no conclusion, destination, abode, contentment. The most important things is I am still moving. If I sat down and became satisfied with where I was and who I am my life would stop. Yes, I have made progress, but getting 'Closer' to something is not 'It'. Moving is.

If you let the ego drive your car then you are on the back seat. Drive the vehicle yourself. The ego is the worst driver for your life you can have. It promises to take you places, but never does.

It's not what you do with your life, it's what you do with yourself.

Finding who you are is the biggest discovery of all. Anyone who thinks only of the external is too scared of the internal.

You have three jugs. One positive energy, one negative, one empty. The empty one is in the middle. Each day you live you have a choice of filling it with what you want. Every minute we will probably use both! The mind never stops. But, you  do have a choice. You can keep it filled with one or the other. Have a routine where you say to yourself 'What am I keeping in the jug?'

Does a migrating bird ask why is it doing what it is doing by flying halfway across the world? No. The bird knows it has to survive. Sometimes you have to get on with life. Think about that bird who weighs a few grams, flies across oceans, deserts, mountains, through all weather types. We're only doing the same, in our mind.

Time is your greatest teacher, but also your biggest enemy. Keep an eye on it ticking by!

A seed grows from the ground. A tree performs years later, then this tree passes more seeds down. Another tree pops up, then another, and this continues for years. One day the first looks around and sees it is in a wood. Poetry collections go the same way. Build it, let the wood develop, watch the seeds grow.

Mental Illness does the one thing we all have less of at the end of each day. It takes away your time. Sometimes in days, or weeks, even years. As if it's a big crane and grabs your life away from you and dumps it somewhere else. If only we had a reset button when we come through the tunnel of depression, anxiety, stress. But life is not fair. Don't sit back and think it cares, it doesn't.


Poetry, philosophy, and music are the bandages for this planet. The humans running around the globe are the wounds. We are wounded and to save us spilling into space poetry, philosophy and music keep us on this earth.

Sometimes you have to write five or six poems to find a great one. That's the same as climbing steps to the next floor. You never stand on one step, then find yourself on the next level by missing a few. Never turn down the chance of a poem. They all lead to something else.

Sometimes reading another culture's philosophy will highlight the weaknesses of your own.

After seven years I am trying a mobile phone again. If I feel my life has not improved by having one then it will go in the bin. I see too many people anchored down by this handheld device. They seem to think if they stare at it enough the meaning to life will appear. You never get anywhere with eyes that look one way.