Wonderings 7

Hello Guys

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you come across something that will help you in the short term and long term. I don't put things up for show or a platform for my ego. I have thoughts all day, some I believe, are worth keeping. Enjoy! Find me on Twitter and we can share our thoughts.

All we can do is grapple with poetry. If we were able to have a firm grip then we would lose control. There has to be some give for the poem to carry on running.

Under every poem written is a breeze. Hence, we can never totally understand where the poems come from or where they are going. The breeze keeps things moving even when we're not present.

All I know about poetry is that I love it. Everything else I say or feel  is only a gate rattling in the wind.

Poems are easy to write all you need is three to six words a sentence, ten to forty lines a page. Put a photo frame over the words to keep them tight and BANG! There you go, a poem!

Believe this and you will believe the earth is flat.

As soon as we're born the egg timer is turned over. How many grains you have is the big question. If there is a way to live your life, live it like time is running out. I know it's hard and we all get caught up in things like work, friendships, family, neighbours, health, money, but if we can pull ourselves back from everything and see the view of our own world, then maybe we will get to have the view we want.

See a poem like a butterfly. We let it develop through the stages, watch it turn into something majestic, even take flight on its wings. Then after a few short days the poem is dead, and we have to leave it and carry on. This is the best way to treat a poem. See it as a butterfly. Enjoy it when it's alive, but move on quickly.

The best poems can only be changed by the poets who wrote them. Think about this with your own work, if you take something to a workshop and a few people say things about the poem, then you either need to do more drafts or improve your knowledge. If you cannot see the things that other's see then you are not 'seeing your work'.

Think about it this way, if TS Eliot gave me his Alfred Prufrock poem to look at I would hardly find anything wrong, maybe a small detail of word choice. It's brilliant for a reason. The poet knew his own work, and had learnt the skills of poetry. Don't be fooled into thinking workshops are helpful it can also show how much you dont' know.

It's amazing how going for a walk with your head full can show up the philosophy of 'Being in the moment'

Today I walked for a bit with my head full of garbage. During the walk I came across a muddy area with muck from young bulls. The place was horrible but I had no choice but to carry on. Then I found myself only thinking of the walk and what to avoid. Thick muck, puddles, slimey mud, tree roots, and hoof prints were everywhere. My mind became focused for the first time today. I balanced my steps, avoided slips, found myself a way out and carried on home. This was when I realised the nonesense in my brain had gone.


I was in the moment. It felt great. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to walk into a difficult terrain to find yourself.

It's not the words you use as a poet that makes you, but the words you discover through reading.

How longs does a river take to find the sea? It rushes when it needs to, slows when at ease. It keeps its course because of will and self-belief. Apply this to your poetry and writing. You will get there, but you have to be able to accept the route in front of you.

The reason I believe in something after this life is because of love.

I do not see how you can love something for your whole life or a part of it for no reason. Love is the greatest emotion on this earth.

Without it nothing sticks to the ground. We have to have it to feed off. Though I have no idea what is to come after I do believe in something. That is the greatest mystery and a challenge for all humans to search for. Being ignorant of other creeds, traditions, cultures, beliefs is us ourselves blocking our energy pathways. Every way of living has love inside. I think that's enough for all of us to get along and have belief too. No matter what you believe, believe.

It's not what I know today that makes me who I am. It's what I am willing to learn from now on in that will define my life.

The way the world is today with the speed of life, the influx of news, social media, mobile phones, travel speeds, even the speed of how quick we cook, our brains are constantly trying to keep up.

We are not meant to be this fast. Our minds have to digest everything we have experienced. If we continue to go as this rate the brain will start to fall behind and this will open up a gap that will become unattached. We cannot become unattached from the mind. The mind is a sieve for us, a water carrier, a wise voice, a mains device. The slowest life lived is always the most balanced. You have to allow the brain to sit for a period each day. A sponge cannot soak up much water by being dunked in a bucket for a second then taken out again. Repeating this won't get you far. It has to lie there sucking up the world around it. Take away what it needs.

You can have the best leather, springs, dimensions for your body, location, wooden frame, etc for your chair. Even have diamond studs and expensive fur on it. But unless you have the balance of four legs you cannot use it as a seat.


Millions of birds migrate every year. They don't sit there and think 'Oh I am not sure on going back to that wood, there were predators everywhere and pollution was terrible'

They have an instinct to come back. Birds let go of the past, live the moment to give them a future. There's a lot we can learn from such a way of thought. Live the moment and shape your future by doing so. The future will take care of itself, but if you live in the past the future will control you.

Imagine if what you do in this life is the foundation for the next?

How does that make you feel? Are you giving yourself a chance to have a better life in the next? Maybe this is another link of who you really are. Why have a self destruct button for this period of the chain, each day is a gamble, but I do not think you should treat your identity as that.

Freedom is the greatest gift you have. Externaly the world can only exist if you allow it to. I'm nearly 40 years old and I have no addictions, no emotional attachments to non-natural things. I am not saying I am free but I know I can walk around this globe with only a pair of shoes, a book, a dog and a pair of binoculars. I know I will be happy. Social media and mobile phones are the modern T.V's of the world. When you attach yourself to a screen in search of likes, notifications, messages, you are in the external. This is when you lose your touch with the internal. You have to cut that chain. I am on twitter but I don't need it for happiness. I would lose ME if I did.

I believe in Karma. I think it is needed in this world to let us realise when we deserve a response, good or bad. Yes, we can look at the Dictators who have killed millions and ask what happened to them. There will always be big questions that cannot be answered on this planet. You have to have the faith something worldly will deal with them sort. For yourself, be aware of every action you make. You never know what will happen if you do something that is wrong.

Do not follow any book that does not allow all types of humans freedom. Any way of life you follow that challenges humans for the way they are is a dictatorship trying to create an ideal based on thier own narrowness. We all deserve a chance to live, a chance to be ourselves, a chance to find who we are. No way of life should lock the door on this. I am a poet, I have my ways, people don't always understand me, or accept my way, but I will never let anyone in if they challenge how I live.

Our experience shapes our lives, but also how we deal with those experiences too. Now, my personality could cope better with your experiences than your own, and vice-versa. Sometimes what tools we have is the only choice available. Don't look at your own life as a failure. You may not have all the tools to deal with it. I can only deal with my life with what I have, anyone on the outside can criticise, but be me and deal with it. It's an interesting thought and one you should think about.

I have said before you are only the environment you are in. Does our personality change? We change our skin without a thought. Regrowing the dermis, leave dust all over the house. But when it comes to our minds we don't seem to accept change. As I have got older I have become more dry in humour, and sarcastic. Why is this? I believe it's because I have made people laugh that are in my life today. Try something new in your manner, maybe empathy, politeness, humour, courage, and see what happens. If they don't stick it may well be the environment you are in that doesn't need these traits. To become a better person, you may have to change where and how you spend your time.

If you want to get to know someone without commiting too much at first, see what sort of people they allow into their lives. That usually shows some hidden good/bad points. They may behave well mannered to you, but you need to see them with people they have known for a long time.

Living in the moment is a very hard thing to do. If you're consistent I am sure you will have a better life. I have let the past anchor me down. Wasting months of my time, and this only dictates my future.

You know when you put your key in the front door, then open it? You are always aware of life at that moment as you have no idea what you're going to be coming home to, good or bad. Try and remember this when you lose your mind on something pointless. Put the key in the door and awake yourself to the present. Being in the present will do so much for your life. It makes you realise that, one, you're alive, and two, nothing else matters.

Nature takes what it needs. Humans take what they want. Have a day where you question everything you have ie food, money, sleep, social media, television, clothes, lifestyle, medication. Ask yourself how much does this help me as a person? Get into a routine where you put pressure on you to have less. If you have less, you will become more.

Without diversity we won't have creativity. Without creativity life stops. Hence we should accept all people. We need as many types of humans as possible. It makes our lives richer. Can you imagine a world where we all lived by one religion, one language, one hairstyle, one flag, one food choice. Everything would cease to exist. I find it amazing to meet people from other cultures. It makes me realise what I have and what I can still learn.

The seas of the world and rivers of the lands may have different eco-systems, different properties, different histories, but they are the same thing. They feed into each other as their purpose for life is the same. Humans are human the same as water is water. On the outside we may appear different but inside we have the same purpose.

To be a poet you have to have passion. Everything cascades from passion. Wtihout passion you cannot challenge the suffering of rejection, you cannot experience the joy of acceptence. Passion is the foundation for everything you need to be a success in poetry - consistency, honesty, a willingness to learn, a willingness to change, a willingness to adapt, hardwork, time management, all these things and more need to be fuelled by passion. If you have no passion for your art then it is a hobby.

Death is never far away so why live like it is? Every day you wake up be grateful. Have a set morning routine where you ask yourself questions that will fuel the day ahead. What am I to learn? What am I to discover? What am I to do? What emotions will be touched? The things I love, will I do them today? How I view the day will be from the internal, how do I control this?

Start the day with a whistle, and set the attitude in your head to win.

What is rain when it hits water? The same as negative comments when they hit the ground. They dissolve and become nothing.

Do you want to be something, or nothing? It's better to be nothing, as the ego is the thing that creates the something. Be nothing, and you will be more powerful.

The tongue is attached at one end to allow words to bounce off. Let those words become fireworks than gunfire. You need people to 'see' what you are saying rather than feel it.

When I left school my GCSE results looked like a car number plate. I was broken. I was led to believe that what results you get would determine your life. Those qualifications mean nothing in life. The bits I did learn in school except basic math & english, have had no bearing on what I have done or what I am to achieve. Those exams give you pieces of paper. Over time that paper creases, fades, rips, thins, crumbles to dust. The most important thing is to not let your mind do that. Your mind is at a depth you have no idea of understanding, but that depth can accumulate a lot. Fill it with what you need to live a life that suits you.

When you complain about the weather it is only what you also have in your head. Sunshine, rain, frost, warmth, wind, storms, snow, and clouds. If you look out of your window and see clouds then rain you will moan, tut, shake your head, and sigh. But think about how people are when you are cloudy and full of rain? Do they do the same to you? Maybe behind your back. It's hard to be sunshine each day, even hard to love all weather types, but beware of what you display. People will respond to what you show. Don't let them put their hood up or umbrella.

We never 'win' at poetry, only take part.

Every step you make in work is a penny in a billionaires pocket. Find a way to work where you earn the penny.

Some raindrops fall on tarmac, slate rooftops, concrete, glass, and other non-natural surfaces. These lead to nothing. Except wetness. Then you have raindrops that fall onto soil, leaves, plant matter, compost heaps. These drops create growth. They help nourish the surface they have landed on. Not all our poems will grow anything, but you should never give up, as you don't know what will grow from them. Raindrops will fall no matter where they land.

You see someone you know and think I believe I know this person. I remember years ago seeing the same people each weekend. You spend time together and build a bond. But one thing stood out for me, when I saw them with family or work colleagues, I saw another side. They spoke differently, behaved differently, and it made me realise that we all have many sides to who we are. Some have a square of four-sides, others have heptagon, hexagon, octagon or even a trianlgle. See the person for who they are in front of you. Unless you live with someone you will never fully know them.

Writing poetry is looking out of the house. Teaching poetry is looking in. I can do the first but not the second.