The scale of a human life is the speed of the 100 metre sprint. Evolution of this planet is a marathon. It has to be this way so us humans understand the earth which in turn makes us understand ourselves.

Imagine it being the other way around! Evolution being superfast and mountains happening in seventy years or river's changing course in sixty years or even months. But us humans living for tens of thousands of years. We could not comprehend the world or meaning of life. It would be too fast for us considering the length of our time. When you look back at your life most of it will be quite the same, day in day out. We cannot have huge experiences everyday of our life.

Poems grow when ready. Plant a melon seed, mint seed, cucumber seed and a salad seed. Put them in a row in a tub. As the weeks go by they will be in different lengths of growth. Poems are the same. Some take longer than others. Allow poems to come to you.

Two weeks ago I had to put down my best friend. My dog, Jasper. He gave me so much that life doesn't feel the same. It may never feel right ever again.

But it's another reminder that our time on this planet is a lit match. We have no idea how long our time is but we sure know that there's  a bottom that we are burning down to. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are here until retirement. My dog was healthy and only 8 1/2. Five days earlier he had been running around a field.

Find that passion you love and grab hold of it. At least you can say you have not been swallowed up by money or work issues. There's far more rewards to life if you find yourself before you burn away.

A poet is only what they do between poems. We're life detectives. Never turn on the OFF button because you are not writing poems. Between poems is where we're at our most important state of mind.