Wonderings 4

Every seed released from a tree is the same as every opinion from a human. Most will amount to nothing and when it does spring growth, it can only mature if in the right place.


If you are going to do something in life it's better to drown yourself than dip your toes in.



Consistency is key to all success. Make sure you have a routine of writing every day. The quality doesn't matter, it's the fine tuning of who you are as a writer that comes from being consistent.




I see myself as an artist but I paint letters. It's how original I can be painting those letters that will one day make my dreams come true.




I had built a wall inside my brain and I couldn't see over. But then poetry came over and gave me a ladder to see again. Eventually reading books chipped away at the wall. It hasn't gone but now I can step over it. Maybe next year it will be demolished.




A spider will wait in the corner of a shed. It doesn't do anything but wait. Then one day a wasp or fly will venture through a hole. The spider will still wait. Then 'BANG!' it will have a meal. A spider is the most patient creature on earth. But it never changes who it is or does things that never suits its life. They have peace of mind things will happen. Be the same.




Get into the habit of asking someone a different question every week. This can people you work with or live with, friends, club mates. You can create a different world around yourself by pushing people's minds in new directions.



Like a fruit sometimes we have to be peeled  to show who we are. It's better to be brave than be kept wrapped up your whole life. Yes you may get eaten, but I prefer that than sitting in a corner until the mould comes.


When you have written a collection shuffle the pages, read it back to front, swap the titles, swap the stanzas, put full stops where there's commas, and visa versa, read poems upside down, then put it away. Let all those new and dynamic thoughts swill around your brain. A month later read it again. Then do all the above once more. See what new things can happen.


I don't believe in anyone being better but I do believe in people who change their art by being different.



When people ignore your advice or help it's because they are ignoring themselves. So you have to sit back and let them suffer.




Don't be on the side in the shadows. Then watch other's take up the light. You deserve it to.


Ten blue tit chicks leave the nest. Some go to the first tree, others go to the second or third. But one stays in the nest. Sometimes knowing when to move is more important than being the leader. There's no rush to do things as you grow into the world. Let others fly out and think they are ahead. But you learn from what they have experienced.




When I was younger my creative brain was not known by myself or others. Life was tough. But I never gave up. I didn't know I needed stimulation to be happy. A person who is creative is like having a dog in their brains. The dog is happiest when walked. My own mind is happy when I take it for a wander. The school system in the UK is a joke. People like me never get the schooling they need. So we become just names on a sheet. When I wrote my first poem it felt great. For years my poems were rhymed a bit like songs. They were poor. Once I grew up a bit I took things seriously and improved. The way I see myself today, if I had known he existed 20 years ago I would have had a different life. I always feel like I am 10 years behind.




Imagine if we found out the heart has a certain amount of heartbeats during every person's lifetime. We would all have different numbers but we could inrease that number by living a better life. We actually knew this for certain. We were given a monthly chart or somethng similar. How many of us would put the effort in to make our lives longer?  




My granddad told me a story. He had a dog who was ill. Too ill to leave her bed. She was dying but each day he bathed, fed, watered her. Then one night she somehow crawled up the stairs to his bedroom. She licked his hand. He woke. He was shocked she had made it upstairs to see him. He took her back down then went back to bed. When he got up for work she was dead.

He once said to me he thinks she was saying 'thank you'.

Imagine having a core of his being for a dog to love you so much.





I have done things I am not proud of. Some of them will stay with me for life. Sometimes we do things out of survival, or take a gamble. Sometimes we do things that are wrong full stop. I know it may sound good to balance out our wrongdoings by doing good, but life gets in the way of life. We cannot always do what our heart needs. Look at what you have done make an honest comment. Then spend a life not doing that again. Being aware is as good as trying to balance it all.



I have spent a period of my life trying to be something I wasn't. You cannot wear other people's clothes. You have to look at your own skin then be the person that is hidden. I have more respect for people who find who they are than people who ignore themselves. We only have a small amount of time. Why live on a current that takes you places you don't want to go?






We all have negative thoughts. Whether this is due to evolution I do not know, but life is so short. Do we need to weigh ourselves down?





There are many ways to reach the North Pole. Do not think someone has a better way than you to achieve something like a poetry book or awards. We can all get to the pole, but some of us will be taking different routes.



See your own life like the face of a clock. You start at 12pm then go round until 12am.  Life is one circle. There are no other shapes to live as the flow would stop.


How we live and what we think is put into our sleep. I know when my mind is balanced by the quality of sleep. Why pollute one of the most important things a human needs?


I once worked in a place where every mistake was like the end of the world. Every day someone had something to say about things. The place was vermon and full of anger and hate. Some of the worst people I have ever known worked there. Mainly because mistakes were always made and it gave them something to moan about. You become the same.


You are only as good as your last mistake. If you keep learning and attempt to improve the mistakes will become smaller. Then new ones appear and you have more to think about again. And a day of thinking is better than a day of nothing.





The chances of hitting the ten smaller ones are higher and will eventually lead to a big goal anyway. Do not forget the small things.


Have a habit of making time work for you. Analyze your whole day and see what moments you can have to yourself. I have two train trips each working day. Both are 12 minutes long. One is to watch the world go by the other is to redraft poems. I have a 25 minute break and 1 hour dinner. I usually take the break as downtime and the dinner to read. My first 2 hours at home after work I make/eat tea. Watch the television with the Mrs or chat about stuff. Then I have 1 or 2 hours thinking about my writing.



This life is only a link in a chain of lives, so why stop learning in this one to weaken the next?


You are only as strong as the set back you have allowed to beat you.


A bird has tertiary, secondary and primary feathers. Without some primaries the bird will not fly. Though it can lose some secondary without any loss of flight. Look at what is important to you and put them in these three areas like a birds feathers. There's some things in life I need to make me fly for example my dog, nature, birds, poetry, imagination. Some things like bad food choices I can lose.






Do not chase anything in life. Be like a flower when the time is right your time will come.


Happiness is a hard one to pin down. I see it split in two. One is the core happiness, the level you are always at. Then there is the lit match happiness. Depending on the moment/occasion the match will run itself out. This can be a pay rise, career move, a new car, getting married, leaving home, buying clothes, holidays. But once the match has burnt then it's the core happiness of the human. This is what we need to work on. How many people have all these lit matches and expect to be happy all the time? But when they are not they get depressed? Have happiness in two, but work on your core. If I had answers for all of you I would genuinely help.


When you go into a quality shop what do you notice compared to a cheaper shop? Look at the layouts, products, details, marketing, standards, management. This can be the same for your mind. What you put in there will be how good your shop is. Read good books, listen to good music, get enough sleep, be proffesional in your manner, have a good outlook, be tidy. Don't devalue yourself to fit in somewhere on the high street, Be The Best.



There's this thing called Love. And when you die it runs out. So make sure you use it before then.


If we all lived in the same way the entrance would become blocked. try another door to leave earth through. It may get you somewhere quicker...




A car can run without window wipers. But it won't get far in rain. Every part of you has to work, not just the engine, tyres, brakes, exhaust. Be aware of all components

When someone picks up on something you are not good at. They are only saying it because it is one of their virtues. Don't blink, stay calm, then look at your virtues and see which one they don't have. But don't say anything. Smile inside.

You see humans building on nature. Pushing her further away from our lives. Then over time she weakens what we've done. Like a fence with posts, or a factory that has closed down, a disused car park. You cannot go against the natural instincts. As humans we are similar, you cannot wear something that does not suit who you are, or be someone you are not. Eventually nature will force its way through yourself. Ignoring it is the worst answer.

A three hundred year old oak tree will have a shadow. A blade of grass will have a shadow.

Sit by a tree once a month for a year. Feel the seasons the tree has to put up with. Don't hesitate regarding the weather, get out there. Then ask yourself are you lucky to be a free human? Because that's the alternative.

Balancing the sitting down with the being active is key to creativity output. Some people need to doodle more than others. The mind is encouraged to grow by physical activity as well as non-physical. Find what works for you then aim to keep that level up. I like to have roughly a 60/40 ratio. The larger number is being active. But I also need to sit, play chess, read, doodle, stare at a wall.

When the sun rises it isn't just for birds to sing. You can sing. So why don't you?

Every day is a poem. but too many poets have the poet side of their life as a sidecar. They only notice it when they are free from the other parts of their lives. Not me, poetry is the motorbike. And we go wherever every day

When you meet someone or be with someone you know, it's best to feel lesser than them. Then you can see them more clearly. if you think you're better than people then you will never see them for who they are. Good points and bad. Eventually as a person you wil sieze to exist. And spend a life without learning

Sometimes it's a good idea to go to the end of the garden or where it's quiet and speak the words you want to say. In terms of what is bothering you or your life goals. Set them free into the world. They will hover of you and make sure you are aware of them. We all have shoals going around our minds, but not all migrate out of there

When I write I am pouring water out of a jug. I never stop until I have emptied it. Don't think about the water coming out or even where it's going. Just pour.

Whatever source of writing you do try and do something that is so far away from the pen. A different world entirely. For example years ago before poetry I was into powerlifting. I loved it but many things I created stopped me from competing. Today I still have dumbells. Though I have no need to train for an hour I still lift them in the week. Being a poet is about using your senses. Picking up a heavy dumbell is on another planet. Twenty minutes is all I do, but I love the dimension/dynamic of it.


When you're outside you are inside

Our own life is like a seed within a shell. There's another life around ours. We must do our best to hang in there and let the wind take us. When we fall there's nothing we can do.

When we see a wood in summer with all its leaves we may think the wood has gone. And now sits huge green hedgerows. But we have to go inside to see the trees again, to know the wood is there. This may be the same as someone with depression or anxiety. They are the same underneath, but we have to wait for the season to change to see them again.

We are now at the cliff edge of our reliance on technology. Another generation and our brains will start to melt. Our thumbs get more exercise than our feet. The 'sofa generation' will only add to the next. There has to be a stage where our natural instincts say 'No'. I won't see this happen. But I hope someone does.

Sometimes I believe in GOD, sometimes I don't. Religion is not something I am interested in. But my point is if we have such an emotion like love, an emotion so deep and profound that it can affect your life. Then how can life be of no meaning? What is the point of loving someone like a parent, grandparent, or child, when this life is only when we see them? I have my own interpretation of GOD. I don't think he lives in books. But if there is a GOD then surely he is not this cruel to allow us to love but then take it away forever?

All the negative thoughts you have in your head. Put them in balloons and let them fly. Close your eyes, picture as many balloons as you need then put each negative in one. Go by an open door and close your eyes again then let them fly.


Every excuse you have is an anchor in your mind. Do you really want to be in port forever?


The better the person the better the life. But that doesn't mean yachts and big houses. That means letting someone have the pavement and you walk the road side, keeping a door open, let others pass in traffic, helping someone up stairs, handing in dropped money, realising your extra change, and many many others. Be a better person. Your life will be more rewarding. A muscle is only as strong as its sinews and tendons. They are the things that sew our days together or what we have.

Get into the habit of leaving the day you have lived in a better place than the previous day. Each day will throw up different things but be professional about your day. As a poet, writer, human. We can have five days a week as professionals of life then have two days on the sub bench. Sit back, relax, wear no socks, watch time go by. But then get back on it come the Monday or whatever day works for you. You have been given this vehicle to live in. Why let it rust away?

If anxiety has taught me anything it's when the mind is balanced life is beautiful.


I would rather aim for ten small goals than aim for one big one.

A hoover is as efficient as the bag it has to fill. Every so often the hoover needs emptying to keep working. Our minds are the same. Find the place to empty yourself.


Our interpretation of the world are only by our own wounds..

The foundation of life is suffering. If it was less than this we would stop our own journey as a species.With suffering comes a mind set to keep our eyes open.

If you count the stars in the night sky for an answer it will be sunlight before you finish. The stars will be there anyway the next night. Never count anything in life all you've got to do is be consistent in your mind.


If you look at your steps as you walk you will hesitate to move forward.

Not every plant can cope with the same conditions. Some prefer dry land others need a bog

If you don't find the right conditions for yourself you will never flourish. Butterflies don't go to dead plants.

Look at the world around you. It's not easy being honest with yourself, but you cannot moan if you're a Hosta in full sun


Not listening to praise may mean you lose sight of who you are.

Listening to too much praise may prevent you seeing where you are going.