Wonderings 3

The other day I started my own YouTube channel. Recording my voice was strange and hearing the tongue work gave me an insight into who I am. We all think we know ourselves, but most of us don't even know the sound of our own voice. I had an outside view of who I am inside. My accent was different to what I imagined. I feel the same when I see photo's of myself or reflections in shop windows. Maybe I am ignoring who I am.  

How would you feel if someone let you in on your life ten years from now. They don't let you know the in-between but let you see you live for one day. Then you have to try and grasp what sort of life you have lived during those years. How many of us would want that? Would we be shocked by change? Would we be more shocked if nothing changed? I would not take the option of not knowing. This isn't Christmas as a kid and you sense what presents you have. Life is too special and full of hints for who we could be. If you're not happy now, how can you be happy in ten years time.

Today I have used the incinerator. I love the way smoke shuttles out as you put more paper, card, etc inside. The metal bin holds the heat and allows the smoke to whisper away to the stratosphere. In a few hours the bin will be full of ash. And that ash will go straight onto the compost heap. this time next year the compost will be used for top dressing my beds. We all burn inside sometimes. Let the heat through via deep breaths. If you use words, the inside will keep on burning. And then in time you wont have new growth to come through.

Everyday I open the curtains. The world outside never changes. Things move but the purpose of everything outside never wavers. Trees need to grow, birds need to nest, clouds need to form, the sun needs to come up, people need to work. Our reluctance to accept the world in front of us is killing our own dreams. Accept the view and change the feelings behind your eyes.

The chiffchaff is back. His song pedals itself around the hedgerows and the border of the wood. After months away, his instincts tell him to fly back to the UK. A few grams in weight, a few inches in length and breadth. Pushing himself through the so called pain barrier. Too many of us use this 'Pain barrier' as an excuse. There is no pain barrier when your instincts tell you to do something. The more we ignore our feelings the harder it will be to live the life we are meant fo

I would love to say I will go through the rest of my life without upsetting someone. Bt I know it will happen. If I make myself aware of these reactions/moments then maybe I can pull myself away. Like watering the plants with a hose and you look away. Turn back as soon as you can or things will become sodden and take time to recover.


Anyone who has hit a nail into wood knows that at some point you have to stop hitting. Or the nail looses strength and becomes obsolete. Take constant little taps and be prepared to let go when ready.

When you see that flock of birds and then a lonely hawk, falcon. There's no difference in who they are. There reasons of living has a contrast. Sometimes birds of prey mingle but that is because of the environment they are in. You are no less by being alone or being part of a big group. It all depends on what you want in life.

If I die a lonely old man I will not be bothered. I am true to my identity as a person. I know who I am and how I feel. Knowing yourself is worth a thousand friends.

I have been accused of many things during my time on planet earth. I genuinely don't understand why people cannot move on from the past. When I was young I was naughty. Upset some of the locals by doing crazy things , we were all a bit mad. We never beat people up or break into sheds and such like but we were naughty. We needed something to get our attention. Some of the neighbours carried it on for years. I used to see them around town or in the local and you could see the animosity. Is it you they have a problem with or the world they live in? The worst thing you can do is react.


All of us will have people who hate us. We will have falling outs and ups and downs our whole lives. At some point, you have to let go. You have to move on. I had a bad time in a job where myself and a couple of men didn't get on. We were different people and clashed when things got stressful.There was hate there and you think why? I surprised myself at what level I was prepred to go. Similar to the box to the right of you, But when I left I gave a note to one of them and apologised for what happened. It was an important moment in my life as a human being. After all the animosity and wasted energy, you have to see that person as a human. We all struggle at times. Saying sorry is a huge opening in a relationship. It felt good to know that I could be a that person too. Don't let someone ruin who you are. You will do things wrong and guilt may weigh you down, but at some point, it has to come to an end.  

I always find it amazing that people hang on to things even years later. We all make mistakes, I have made many, but sometimes when you see the resentment in people's eyes and how they look at you. You have to pity them. Years ago I said a couple of things about people that I shouldn't have had and the reaction was bad. Far worse than it should have been. The whole family seemed to be involved. You sit there and think, there's no serious harm done, no one is dead. Both were misjudgements and instant reactions on my part. But the hate! One of father's took it to a sick level. I remember one day the Mrs parking in my mother's street and he flipped. There was always some sarcastic remark when I was around. I also know he went around the town saying things about me to old neighbours and such like. I look back and think, yes I was in the wrong, but why take it to such a level? He seemed to live and breath by doing harm to me or see me suffer and all it was one silly text message! I do regret it but things happen. I am a better person today because of this moment. Apparently, I had tried to break two people up. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a jealous reaction, but when you think about these small things, no wonder the world is in such a bad way with hardly any peace anywhere. As a species we have anger that is not built for our current world. Our mind is built for a jungle. Will we ever live without war? Thinking about the hate from these two experiences, my answer is no.

I love bird watching. When I was 15 I went with my granddad, The one and only trime I went but it stayed with me until I was 32 and I started going again. 17 years of it being inside me but not in my thoughts. It is a great shame that we all live a life that is half of who we are. Soical pressure, ego, mates, work hours, stress from work, life in general, family pressure and other things make us live a fake life. The one thing I have learnt from bird watching is being in the moment and cherishing that second. Think about who you are deep down and get rid of those layers to find yourself. Life is too short to let things pass.

Live your life like a wood pigeon flies. They never mess about and are always alert to dangers. One wrong turn and a hawk will come crashing down on them. Wood pigeons are one of the most aware creatures on earth but also one of the most ignored.

The first rule of being a poet is to be honest with yourself. You will be more aware of the world you live in and create better work than being in denial.

We're not getting off this planet alive so be who you want to be. Otherwise you are dead before you have left.

The earth needs predators, and it saves the prey becoming plump. In our brains, we also have these killer instincts. They are there to keep us moving. Until you understand them and use their power, you will become another sofa statistic.

The one thing that has let me down over the years is my initial response to something. I have upset people by this and let myself down. It is always good to hold your breath and let the heat sail through. I have reacted very sharply, and it gives people ammunition to create something from your reaction. If a fire can burn without more being added then let it burn. All fires burn out eventually. People will grab the chance to grow something from the flames you have ignited. Once the earth is charred, it takes years to grow over. There will always be that look in their eye when you see them. Some people on the planet can never let go even if they have upset you first or created rumours. It doesn't matter once you are in the wrong they forget what they have said. It's better to carry buckets of water in your brain and put out the fire straight away.

When I was 17, I joined a gym. I was interested in lifting weights and finding a hobby for myself. After about a year in being in this gym, I had a steroid comment. It was just out of earshot. I have always been naive, and gullible. I am too trusting. This experience was the first time I noticed how cruel people could be. I have never touched steroids. But convincing people is very hard. It started with a six-pack guy with gelled hair and fake tan. Typical. I was scruffy, bulky and quiet. No one likes to see someone of that nature being stronger. At the time it hurt. Over time I realised the whole gym thought I was on them. Then friends, mates, and others showed signs. I wasn't even that strong but when people have to find excuses for their failures making things up about others is an excellent way to cloud their mind. Another reason I keep myself to myself. Be proud of who you are guys and fuck everyone else. I have come to learn that as long as I am happy with me, then no one can take that away from me

My late teens were very tough. When I left school, I felt I was blindfolded and put on the edge of a cliff. Then the blindfold was taken off, and someone said 'Look at the sea, now you have to find your current to live from' I was lost for years. Poetry became my current.

See your time on earth as a compass. Some people may stay North East their whole life. I think every person should aim to get around the dial as best they can. Each view will give a different perspective on the world you live in. Maybe once, I stayed too long in one direction. However, now I feel myself turning with age. What's the point of having eight windows to your house when you only look through one?

You as a person create your own life. You give it meaning. Life is empty, and you fill it. Do not wait for things to happen as you will become frustrated and lost. A God or Deity have given no person on earth a better life. They have created their living by finding what they are good at and taking chances. Luck happens when you put in the effort.

Today I am 39. I may be halfway through my life all near the end. I have no idea, and this feeds the mystery of this planet we call earth. Coming to the end of my fourth decade is very strange. The first one was a blink, the second a struggle, the third indecisive, and this full of hope. I am primed to start my fifth one day soon feeling in a better place than starting any other decade.

You as a person create your own life. You give it meaning. Life is empty, and you fill it. Do not wait for things to happen as you will become frustrated and lost. A God or Deity have given no person on earth a better life. They have created their living by finding what they are good at and taking chances. Luck happens when you put in the effort.

You can put up an umbrella in the rain, but you cannot stop the wind blowing the rain into from the sides. Sometimes no matter what we do we are going to get drenched. You may as well keeping striding forward, and one day the wetness will dry out

Having a longing in life keeps you alive. Once you lose hope that your life can change or get better, you are putting out the flames of whom you might become. I have a longing, and in frustrating times it keeps me going. I see it like a candle in a house window that is miles and miles away from me. But I see the flicker as I keep walking.

The last ten years I have aged more than in the previous twenty-nine. I feel I am at a pivotal point in my life. The body needs a new change. When I got to twenty-eight, I knew I wanted to stop drinking alcohol by the time I was thirty. Moreover, I did. Since then I have gone out once a year, maybe twice. In 2017 I didn't have one drink of alcohol. Now, I am thinking of my diet. The foods I eat or have been eating are no good for me. I need to be brutal. Taking care of me has become more critical than ever. Why have a car and let it rust away in the drive?

I have started doing yoga. My body is tight after the years of lifting weights. I still have dumbells but I don't train for long. My body is in need of something different. I really hope when I hit forty in 2020 I am in a better place than today. I do have old injuries but apart from mental illness I am very lucky. I might as well make the most of my luck.

Having an ego is the same as having a mirror in front of you your whole life. But the reflection lies to you. Getting rid of your ego is about being brave.

Having pure goodness in your being is not the heaven you may think. We have birds of prey because all birds need to be kept on their toes. Birds of prey are incredible, but they are also wrong when you consider their hunting. Can you imagine a wood with only songbirds? In time they would become empty. Empty of feeling empty of goodness empty of song. The bad things in life would not exist for them. We need a small percentage of bad in us. It's like having a pencil you sharpen the pencil and use it. The sharpener is bad. It makes the pencil sharp and useful. Without sharpening your pencil, you will become blunt and then useless. You will lose yourself. Mother Nature has typhoons, tsunamis, avalanches, storms and other things for a reason we cannot live by the sun alone.

Every time I have a bad day or I put the negative words into my brain and try to stop myself doing something, I say 'You are creating your own life.'


The life I live right now is down to me. I have let myself down so many times in the past. However, this little saying seems to help. It makes me realise how much of meaning you can give your own life.

You can be the biggest baddest firework out there. However, unless you find something to ignite you, then life will stay the same.

The woods, fields, gardens, skyscrapers, houses, motorways, and everything else around is all props for a stage. Sometimes a football field will be changed into a car park, or a wood might get cut down. It doesn't mean life has changed. In your head, everything is the same. All that's different are the stage props

Leaves are going to come on a tree no matter what happens. But it is your choice to sit in their shade.

Walking the dogs is a pure pleasure — however, one I cherish every day. I enjoy watching them treat the earth as something new with each walk. They cannot wait to be let free and be themselves.

Intensive farming looks great from above. However, long-term it is doing more harm than good. Sometimes being organic and going with the seasons is the best solution. It's the same with how we live. I had a time where I worked all week then come Friday I went out and got smashed. It was intense. I never rested my mind or body. In the end, it got to me. It did not suit who I was. Listening to my body is more critical now. I let my mind and body tell me what to do

I do believe all religions need to be taught from an early age. We do need their words of wisdom. However, see them as a philosophy rather than a foundation of what to believe. Which takes us back to God is a kite string theory. Religion is the kite itself. Without the string, it doesn't last. All faiths have great stories/fables and words on how to live. I believe in God, but we are distant from him. Use the philosophy, and we may become aware of him. However, that can come from all religions.

People survived on far-out islands for thousands of years without religion. How decent as humans they were is unknown. However, they must have been good people to sustain. Today people in the West don't survive anymore our lives are full of cushions. However, we have also lost our way as humans. Has religious thought made us think we are a pure species?

For love to exist there has to be something after this life. Otherwise, love is bottled up and thrown into space when we die. My parents are getting old. One day they will be gone. So when that happens, you are saying my love for them is bottled as I won't see them again? What's the point in love then? You look at the people you love but where and for how long are the real questions.

If you hate someone because of their beliefs, then that's the same as building a dam to stop water flowing. Alternatively, taming rivers that flood in winter. Things have to be free to express. I can get on with any human being on earth. Sometimes I don't, but that's down to my failures as a man. Not because of what I think they are or may be. I am blocking the flow

If your life is governed by someone or something outside of our planet, what worth is your life? I don't want that. I want to be free to choose and build my timeline.

We live our lives within our body. If you need a book with a Deity to get you through then so be it. How you balance your internal forces will give you a more rewarding life than any book. The body is more critical believing in God is one thing, but filling your body/brain with junk will harm you more than not believing.

Visit a wood without your mobile phone. Take a flask of green tea and some sandwiches. Sit and listen to the wood move through the day. Woods move just like us. They have jobs to do. Planting a tree in your garden doesn't mean you are helping nature. However, sitting within nature shows you do.

This life is free. We may have bills to pay, and our health might become an issue. However, this world you live on is your own. There's no journey or destination. We can create it by believing in what we want. Moreover, what we find is where we will end up.

You're a human being first. If you show hate towards someone because of that person's sexual orientation or skin colour, then you are blind to them being human. Being blind in life creates a world only you see. I don't think any Deity will be happy to have someone like that in their world. Alternatively, even your own body.

I see a buzzard sitting on a tree stump in the field. Then it will go to the top of the telephone post. Every day she is there. For the next four months, she will eat insects and the odd rodent. She has no choice. However, she knows if she can keep well fed and warm brighter times will come. I am having a tough period, but I know life will at some point change. Sometimes keeping ourselves going through our basic needs is the only way to live. It does not harm

The weather helps nature. Melted snow cleans rivers, and streams wind cleans woods or spreads seeds.  Rain feeds frost helps trigger hibernation. The sun's heat allows growth. We all have people in our lives that can be one of these weather systems. Don't turn your back on someone that is a source of help for you as a person.

Listening to other people talk about you is a good way of seeing who your friends are. Every person on earth has a view of the world. Please don't get defensive on what they say, but don't believe what they say either. We have our personality and also our emotional nature. I am a shy character, but press the wrong buttons I will become aggressive/defensive. So we may have two personalities built inside us — one permanent and one from experience. The former is most important.

I remember sitting in a wood where a Mistle Thrush sang for forty minutes. I sat by a tree. For those minutes nothing existed. I felt I was transported out of my own life. The trees stood tall propped up the sky I was in a wooden tent — my mind released from the harshness of work, bills, stress, relationships, and doubt. My whole body realigned.

Filling your head with idiom and cliche is like watering down the paint for your house. You may have colour, but you will never be convincing.

You can travel on any railway and see nature sprouting along the way. Tree seeds can sit on concrete, metal, steel for months in wait for the chance to burrow into the soil. Once you know what you want in life anchor yourself down and sprout. Ash trees never stop working there way along the old lines. For them, it's a way of life to support the earth's cycles

Money does not make life better. However, poorer people are more exposed to the elements. The difference is, with money you have a coat, umbrella, hat, gloves, scarf, wellies, and two pairs of socks on. Without money, you have a hat. Do not wish for money to make life better. All they do is fair better in life's weather.

In chess, the rook sits in the corner for a few moves. Good chess players never release the rook early. Knowing exposing it may risk in losing it. Always wait for the moment to attack your enemies. If you sit and allow them in closer, you may gain a significant advantage

I don't care if people don't like us. The day I wake up to please other's is the day I follow.

Any one who thinks that there's only one tide going back and too is going to be in for a very hard life.

What I do with the pen depends on the angle of it. If angry it is angled like a gun. When full of joy it's straighter, allowing as much enjoyment to fall out of it as possible.

Seeing my mother age the way she has aged is the worst feeling in the world. It hurts and cuts into my heart every time. What strikes me more is how fast life is. Ten years, twenty years, thirty years, all gone. We cling on to the time with memories. Without such things, the time would not exist. Also, our love becomes unavailable.

A flower may well grow like a foxglove. You may fall for its bee attracting trumpet heads. However, inside it may be a cactus. Ready to spike you when your eyes are drunk from falseness. See everyone as a cactus then see what they become from that

Sometimes a tree or plant will be planted in the wrong position. But it will grow. It may never reach its full potential, but it has a go. All we can do is aim for the sun. No matter how hard things may be, or become, it's all we can search for.

The winds have blown away all the leaves. The leaves get glued together by rain and frost. Then they feed the soil and each weather system keeping the circle of nature. To many eyes, it may look like the seasons battle, and so do the weather systems. However, they are all working together in a factory called earth.

God cannot be with you 24/7. How can he know what's in your head all day? Think about one minute in a day in your mind. How many topics are there? Let's say 6. Times that by 60, then by 24, then by 365. Let's say there are one billion thoughts in our minds every year. How can we know who we are and what we stand for? For all those thoughts and topics we only need a very very small amount to define our lives. Good and evil feelings are there simmering. However, it's what we take out and shape that counts. Hence the reason we create God. He's what we see or don't see by what we do

When a poem is written it's made up of the dead skin you have let go. Why do we have dead skin? So we can regenerate. Think of writing poems in this way. Keep yourself growing

The morning sun doesn't bring shadows up with it. So why do we when we get up? There's only light.

For every emotion we believe is set in our minds, ie stubbornness, there's always an event that's kept it there. You can let go of every feeling in your mind. It won't hurt.

If you were an astronaut flying around space would you look back at planet earth, or look out into the vastness? I would look away from the earth. Though I may not know everything is on our planet at least looking into the unknown may create new possibilities for when I come back down.

The real world is in your mind. Everything outside your skull is there because of how you see it. Every dream you have can come true, with a slight variation, but once you set something to burn it will cause light. It's not the outside world that beats people; it's what's allowed to grow in the mind that does.

Once you peel the fruit you cannot turn back it becomes exposed, it's losing flavour, it's ageing, it's shrinking. Before you react think of the fruit. Do not peel unless you have to. Going to a meeting, appointment, dealing with a situation, having that one to one, facing a problem, can all have severe reactions. It may seem strange but take a small tangerine and have it in your pocket if possible. Hold it. Remember what happens when peeled.

A cat cannot catch the same bird twice. Everything is the same and different. The worst thing you can expect is the same results in what you do this will lead to you missing the whole point of what you are doing

To see yourself sometimes it's good to use someone else's mirror.

It's not that you cannot step into the same river twice, but you cannot live the same second twice. Seconds are the grains in an egg timer.

If God is anything in this world, he is the string on a kite. Through our advance in technology, we have filled our brains with so much thought that God's presence is lessening. Does it prove we need him? How many minutes a day do people think of God? We create our own emotions. Not God. He cannot help us every second, but he can guide us if we let him in

If there were no need for nature on this planet, then it would die off. Moreover, we would die too. We need each other. Nature needs to be loved to be happy, and Humanity is the only species capable of this.

If God wanted us to follow a book he would be taking away our freedom. This book then makes him a dictator. I don't believe God wants us to read words. He wants us to sense him through our own body

God and the Devil are on this planet all the time. They are within us. A right person may have 99% God and 1% Devil inside them. Bad people will have the opposite, but that's the extreme levels. Most people will never have that. These percentages may be based on emotions, actions, reactions, virtues and faults. We have to continually be aware of the good things in us and the bad. There is no heaven and hell. What we are as people is the reason for God and the Devil. They both feed us. Being aware of whom you are and understanding every breath will let you know what sort of percentages you have of both. You will always have 1% of the Devil. That can never change. That 1% can be jealousy or anger or spite or distrust. It doesn't mean you are evil. I have many faults. However, I know God has a more significant percentage.  If all humans were 100% God, then we would lose our sense of virtue

You may look at someone from the front. But never ignore what they might have at the back.

At birth, we are given a starter kit as a human this could be many emotions that will be with us at the start of life. Over time through experience, we will add feelings and also sharpen or blunt the starter kit we had to begin with. When we change through our time on earth, don't look back and think you wished for a part of who you were twenty years ago. When I was twenty, I was more relaxed than I have ever been. I would like to still be at that stage, but would it be beneficial for my life right now? Also, what sort of experience would I have lost during those twenty years? We add to our starter kit, sometimes we forget some, but what we are right now is down to what life you have led.

As soon as someone tells you they know a lot. They are already telling you they know nothing. Be aware of people like this.

The worst weapon on this planet is the tongue — a muscle attached at only one end. I have suffered much by people's voice on me as a person. I seem to attract these people. You cannot allow any human to affect your life. Though it is tough people will always take great pleasure in using their inferiority on you as a person. Only this past week I have suffered from this again. Some people do not know the outcome they have on other lives. Always remember your tongue when you go to use it without rational thought.

You cannot be judged on the good things you do during your life. It will be the wrong things. If we get judged on the right things, then the bad stuff will always be there. As once we've done something wrong we expect to rub it away by doing good, this won't help our lives at all. Our lives should always be 'Don't do bad things'  then good things will ever be done, by nature.

Before you start tomorrow think of it as a memory, you already have. A good memory that you want to re-live again, we all love to reminisce. What's the point in looking back further than you have to for good memories. Every day is a good memory waiting to happen

I go to the city every Monday for this MFA in Poetry I am doing. When I first went there, I saw sunlight but not the sun. I felt I was in a grave, a city grave. For the time I was there I did not see a bird, a tree in its natural surroundings, or the shape of the sun. Even the sky was only in patches I was glad to get back home. These cities keep getting bigger. The people born here have no idea what they are missing. If they lived with me for a week then went back to the city I am 100% sure they would see what I see. Imagine a human body of skin, bone, muscle and a head and nothing else this is the trouble with cities there's no inner nature

If it starts to rain get a chair, a book, a pot of tea and open a window. Let the sky play its songs in your ear. Is there anything more beautiful? When we lived in the jungle, those tip-tap sounds were all around us. It's a way to massage our brain.

I long for the sea, to live by it, to breath it in every day, hear its waves, feel its weight. Sometimes I wonder if in a previous life I was a fish.

If you put your faith in someone else's hands, you may find they will drop you for themselves. Be strong and take life on do not rely on others.

If I was asked to re-live my life again knowing everything that has happened, or carry on from this moment. I would carry on. Even if I started again, it would not mean I would have a better life. It may hold me back in terms of courage and discipline that I have today, The feeling of being unhappy years ago would never be felt. That's the fuel for who I am today

Two trains. Both on a 100-mile journey. One does fifty stops the other does none. Which do you think is the best journey regarding your purpose in life?

Our biggest enemy is time. Our greatest gift to another human is giving them your time.

When people say they're bored I can only think they are like a plug out of its socket. To get fitted back into the socket you have to want something. To find the current that keeps you going you have to find who you are.

If you were asked to define your outlook as a writer with a leaf. What would it be? I would expect most people to say 'A leaf in spring as it's starting to bloom' Not me.


I would pick a late summer leaf. Hanging on before autumn turns up and blows you into winter's grave. Have the hanging on a cliff edge attitude. You may find yourself getting more out of your work.

Having a voice in the world is the same as raindrops falling from the sky. All you can do is hope they water a seed to promote new growth.  

Every night I dip my pen into the ink well that is in my brain. I cannot wait to wake up the next day and see what flows out.

When awake you can surround yourself with as many people as you like. But when you close your eyes there's only you.

Remember when we were kids in infants? One of those art lessons we used to have to do where we had to dip a sponge into a paint tub. Then print the paper. When we picked up the sponge the paint dripped off if full of excess. This will happen with your poems if you let them breath.

The environment you are surrounded by is the reason you are living the life you have. Are you a dog on a chain in a back garden? Or are you a dog running free across grassy hills? You may think you're happy but look at the links of the chain. Some of them could be people you love. You have to be yourself, and if it means cutting yourself free, go and do it

Perception is like a rapid in a slow moving river. It tries to change the flow but once it has gone through has anything changed? No. Always sit back and let people say what they want about others. Most of the time there is no substance.

When humans leave a place to ruin like a factory, car park, sports stadium, coal mine, and many other things. Nature comes through the concrete and brick. It doesn't care about what we feel or even think. It just carries on growing, multiplying. It has a never give up attitude. Sometimes things appear hard and tough to break through. But if you keep going there will be light.

When I was young I used to think people doing the best things or living great lives were super humans. But as I have aged I have come to realise it's only their work ethic that is different.

We paste words from our brains onto paper. Where does the paper come from? Trees.  Where do the words come from? Being alive. If you were given three trees before you started to write as your paper source. And that was it. How many of us would learn quicker?

The farm fields in front of us when we moved here had sheep, fieldfares, starlings and redwings. Then they left and it was empty, but regularly manured. Then came the crows, rooks, jackdaws. Then trimmed. Then empty again. Now it has cows. Soon enough fieldfares and redwings will come back. The grass takes all batterings and hardships. But today, October 14th, it has a wonderful green grace under a blue and white sky.

Find me a person that isn't worth listening to. I know many who don't listen, but everyone's voice should be shared. Do you think a wood ignores all winds? If they did all trees would be on the floo

I am still yet to meet a person who cannot give something to the world. Our school system is very poor. Nothing is worked on the emotions and character building. How many writers lack self-esteem? They're far better than what they think. You can never give up. I have never read one poet who hasn't hit me hard with their poems at some point. And I have sat their and thought 'I wish that was my work'

The only competition is within. Poetry is a beautiful community and I feel blessed for being a part of it. Some of the poeple I have met are wonderful. But deep down I have to achieve something. Sometimes I feel a point has to be proved within myself. This is something I cannot explain. If there was a previous life it must have been very disappointing

An apple can be bruised, have fruit flies inside and make you ill if eaten. But if you cut it in half you will see seeds. Those seeds can build a tree. No matter how bad things are something can happen from it.

All my poems are jigsaw pieces. Everytime I write one it adds to the path I am creating.

Looking in the mirror shows how slow ageing is. But when you take photos of yourself on holiday and look at them you see a huge change. Year on year you have aged. You would never see that in the mirror. Even if you looked every minute. Erosion happens at the  size of the smallest shavings. Looking at holiday photos or parties, etc are better than looking in the mirror every day for a sign of ageing. All mirrors lie.

Flickering streetlights at night are the same as the thoughts you have in your brain. They never leave you. Just wait for the moment when you can see them and see where they lead.

Life always throws things at you. Sometimes you can fall to the ground or stand and cry. Bruises happen. Wounds take years to heal. Even ten months after leaving our previous house I still miss the garden and wood at the back. The allotment I was building. It takes time to recover. I may feel sad but what does that do? You can tell other people but they have their own life to live. Not everyone can help.


Sometimes helping yourself is more important it makes you prepared for the day you have to help someone.

Every day poets fill their brains with ink. In hope something pours out at some point. It's difficult to find where to place this ink but you must always be aware of it. You are never too far away from writing something