Wonderings 12

When you have people older than yourself in your daily life it's quite easy to dismiss their thoughts on the world. Especially when you're young and full of positive energy for the future. You think life is infinite.

But what you should look at is, we're all steps to the top, each person that is older than you is the next step up on the journey to the mountain top. We are all the same but with each step up you can see a little bit more. This is why you should always listen to people older than you. Though I do admit what you see is down to your own wisdom, and age does not automatically mean they know more. But they have seen more.

The meaning of life is individual. I have always thought this. Now my thoughts have reached a conclusion - each person will go through a tunnel, this tunnel is the process of shaping who you are. You have to find your meaning to life. I went through a tunnel and popped out as a poet. It took years to get to the end. It's only now that I look back and realise I was on a journey through a tunnel. Now I can live my life as contented as possible because whatever happens to me, and I know there's some horrible things yet to occur, I will always be a poet. This is my meaning to life. What you need to do is find out if you're in this tunnel and where is it leading? We cannot have the same meaning to life due to the complex nature of personality and experience. Put the sinful stuff to one side for a moment, and think about who you are as a person and where you're going? Keep trudging through the tunnel. What you're meant to be will happen but only if you become aware.