Wanderings 7

Hello Guys

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you come across something that will help you in the short term and long term. I don't put things up for show or a platform for my ego. I have thoughts all day, some I believe, are worth keeping. Enjoy! Find me on Twitter and we can share our thoughts.

All we can do is grapple with poetry. If we were able to have a firm grip then we would lose control. There has to be some give for the poem to carry on running.

Under every  poem written is a breeze. Hence, we can never totally understand where the poems come from or where they are going. The breeze keeps things moving even when we're not present.

All I know about poetry is that I love it. Everything else I say or feel  is only a gate rattling in the wind.

Poems are easy to write all you need is three to six words a sentence, ten to forty lines a page. Put a photo frame over the words to keep them tight and BANG! There you go, a poem!

Believe this and you will believe the earth is flat.