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By jaspers1980, May 9 2019 06:00PM

Hi Guys!

It is Lana tonight. Jasper is snoring and our human is full after burgers for tea. The rain keeps pouring and we have to go out everyday. A lady like me should not be out in the cold and damp. I have nails to look after and silky fur. Jasper, he doesn't mind. But he's not as beautiful as myself.

Yesterday a car was pulling out of a drive when our Human shouts 'ROUND!' I look at him and think, I know you are.

Oh I hate this weather when the sun should be out but all we have are clouds. What sort of planet is this! Us ladies need to be clean and fruitful all year round. Some sun is very much needed when we are pretty, like myself. Jasper, typical man. He has no limits to how filthy he will go.

I hate it when the lead comes out after a good walk in the right weather. All the bunnies we chase, and squirrels. I want to climb those trees and gallop after them. The little furry so and so's. Our human always shouts 'WAIT' then I think 'you're about 16 stone' I wonder what he would say if I replied that too him.

When our human is on the PC I always go up to him and see how long he has left. The ball is downstairs and I like it thrown for me. Sometimes he tuts or frowns. I like to curl up by him on the sofa here him breathing like a tired rhino.

look at me below. I love a good tickle! The late Ernie watches from the side. RIP Ernie. We do miss ya....

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