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RIP Mr Jasper

By jaspers1980, Jul 18 2019 08:03AM

Hello Guys

This is Lana, Jasper's other half. I want to thank you for all the kind messages these past two days. The house is in ruins. Your messages have really really helped. I don't know what to do with myself. My human friends are broken.

He was the best partner a lady could ask for. He was handsome, gentle, cheeky, honest, and had a sense of humour. He loved us all.

We got up to all sorts of things, taking scotch eggs of our Master's plate, finishing off his tea, eating his mash potato, playing tug when he wanted a lie in. Putting holes in his socks. Looking hungry when he ate his tea, especially sausages, bacon, chicken, oats and steak.

I loved him so much. Our human friend has one hand in his pocket now when we walk. He cries along the way. He's told me Mr Jasper will be waiting on the other side for me and us. I hope so.

If you love someone let them know. If I could see him again I would tell him. Don't take life for granted. Four days ago we were running around a field.

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