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By jaspers1980, Apr 21 2019 04:13PM

Hello guys! Me and Lana pooch here....our humans are preparing tea. Roasted veg and chicken. OUR FAVOURITE! We've noticed this week our human getting nervous with helicopters in the sky above. I think he believes they might think the bald patch on his head is a heli-pad.

I have yawned all day after this mornings walk. We have been in the garden twice. Chased the ball. I had to go through the gate and around to retrieve it from the farm field. The farmer has turned the grass and it's now plain of soil. Very good surface for footie. But we're not allowed on there.

We had no eggs today. We're not allowed chocolate. But we will chase some bunnies later if they're out and about. All in good jest of course. Lana is panting still, sounds like a steam train. She loves the ball and nibbling people's legs. I would ratehr sniff their shins and leave my scent. No-one seems to like us around here, not sure why.

The human called me 'Obstinate' the other day. He seems to think I enjoy having the lead put on me after a walk. I stand in the nettles and brambles for a reason. In hope he doesn't know I'm there. He stands there asking me to come out. But I don't move. I want to stay there and let him come to me. He is the one who wants to go home. Not me and Lana!

Anyway I am tired. The water bowl is my fav today. This heat is too much for us in furry coats. It's alright for our human who sits in his Shaun the Sheep t-shirt and Batman shorts. Though I am glad he doesn't dress like that outside. Those legs of his....i've seen sheep with better limbs.

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