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By jaspers1980, Aug 25 2019 09:57AM

For the first three weeks I spoke to Jasper everyday. Little words that were sent to the unknown. Then I started to thin it out, and try to move on as we all have to. One thing I have asked him is to let me know he's OK and that he waits for us on the other side.

This past week we have been up the Llyn Peninsula camping. The sea air and hills are a great way to move us on. Our campsite was near Saint Beuno's church. A 5th century church that now sites a 15th century renovation. On our first night it was too dark to visit, as these places never have electric, so we decided to go Monday morning. I opened the door and saw the sunlight shape the windows, straw was on the floor, dusty bibles, and the presence of that weighty silence you usually have in these historic buildings.

Caroline is not religious but enjoys history. We both had a few moments taking it in. We had to leave the door open to let in more light. I started to sign the Visitor book when a movement caught my eye. A black dog ran in, full of energy, wagging tail and wet from the river. He ran out. Then came back, sniffed Caroline, allowed her to stroke his back, then he came to me. I smiled and finished off my signature when a young boy stood at the doorway and shouted 'Jasper! Jasper!'

I quickly turned to Caroline who was staring at me. The dog stood at my feet and I stroked him. Felt his breath on my hand as he sniffed. Then he left as if he had not been real. And the both of us stood with lumps in our throats and a forming tear in the duct

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