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By jaspers1980, Jul 18 2019 08:03AM

Hello Guys

This is Lana, Jasper's other half. I want to thank you for all the kind messages these past two days. The house is in ruins. Your messages have really really helped. I don't know what to do with myself. My human friends are broken.

He was the best partner a lady could ask for. He was handsome, gentle, cheeky, honest, and had a sense of humour. He loved us all.

We got up to all sorts of things, taking scotch eggs of our Master's plate, finishing off his tea, eating his mash potato, playing tug when he wanted a lie in. Putting holes in his socks. Looking hungry when he ate his tea, especially sausages, bacon, chicken, oats and steak.

I loved him so much. Our human friend has one hand in his pocket now when we walk. He cries along the way. He's told me Mr Jasper will be waiting on the other side for me and us. I hope so.

If you love someone let them know. If I could see him again I would tell him. Don't take life for granted. Four days ago we were running around a field.

By jaspers1980, Jun 30 2019 06:54PM

Helo Guys Mr Jaspo here the best looking collie in Wales. I hope you are all well and have wagging tales?

The field is finally dry so we can go sprinting again. Our human friend won't walk all the way through when it's been raining. I don't think he likes to get his socks wet....

He's still trying to be a poet. He will never be like me of course but we humour him by listening for a bit as he reads one out. Silly fool.

I am sure there was a time when he thought a Sestina was a car...and tried to have a day off with an Ode.

Me & Lana were chatting about this the other day. How he saunters (posh word for us dogs) around with his hands behind his back. Walks like a crow if you ask me. Then comes out with sentences that he calls metaphors. And I sit there thinking 'Who's Phors?' then Lana tells me he met no one, it's just a technical term for some silly poetry thing.

He nearly caused an argument once when our human mother's sister came round for Christmas. Her name is Anna.

And he was walking round saying Anapest....he really did have some explaining to do. I wasn't sure on the term but Lana again informed me it's a poetry technique. Haha, me and Lana pooch were sat behind the sofa with our paws to the mouth! All I heard him saying was 'Anna, you're not a pest!'

Ah well, the good old poet of North Wales! The man who twisted an ankle in the garden playing footie with us two and told our human mother he had a metrical foot.....

By jaspers1980, Jun 23 2019 06:50PM

This past month all we've had is rain! Our human tuts and frowns at the backdoor before he takes us out. He says we're OK because we have a coat! Does he realise a dogs fur needs warmth and comfort! We may look warm in these sleeping bags but me and Lana know ourselves, rain soaks us to the bone. What does our human friend do if he gets wet? Has a shower! Ha! Sometimes I look at him and wonder what planet he's off....why get wet twice?

Our human mother and our human father were in the kitchen yesterday. She was preparing some dish when she asked 'Get the cloves ready'....he emptied the dryer. Me and Lana walked out sniggering.

They went out the other day, Harlech I think. Our mother took him to the beach. He's started a new job and is finally giving us all some space. Me and Lana can stretch out on the whole of the sofa instead of sharing it with him while he watches Shaun the Sheep.

Apparently he ran about picking up pebbles and bird feathers on the beach. Too excited! Me and Lana put the Cricket World Cup on. We love watching ball sports. My tongue hangs out as a man chases a ball across the grass. With all this rain we're not allowed in the garden to play. Our feet get too muddy. So he says anyway. Though he can come in with his boots and leave prints in the kitchen. Rule for him rule for us.

We're going out soon as he has started to yawn. He looks more like Barney Rubble every day.

I will try and get back into the routine of blogging again. Not sure where the time goes all I do is chase squirrels, eat, sleep, chase the ball, sleep, yawn, eat, lick, kiss, sniff, sleep.

By jaspers1980, May 9 2019 06:00PM

Hi Guys!

It is Lana tonight. Jasper is snoring and our human is full after burgers for tea. The rain keeps pouring and we have to go out everyday. A lady like me should not be out in the cold and damp. I have nails to look after and silky fur. Jasper, he doesn't mind. But he's not as beautiful as myself.

Yesterday a car was pulling out of a drive when our Human shouts 'ROUND!' I look at him and think, I know you are.

Oh I hate this weather when the sun should be out but all we have are clouds. What sort of planet is this! Us ladies need to be clean and fruitful all year round. Some sun is very much needed when we are pretty, like myself. Jasper, typical man. He has no limits to how filthy he will go.

I hate it when the lead comes out after a good walk in the right weather. All the bunnies we chase, and squirrels. I want to climb those trees and gallop after them. The little furry so and so's. Our human always shouts 'WAIT' then I think 'you're about 16 stone' I wonder what he would say if I replied that too him.

When our human is on the PC I always go up to him and see how long he has left. The ball is downstairs and I like it thrown for me. Sometimes he tuts or frowns. I like to curl up by him on the sofa here him breathing like a tired rhino.

look at me below. I love a good tickle! The late Ernie watches from the side. RIP Ernie. We do miss ya....

By jaspers1980, Apr 21 2019 04:13PM

Hello guys! Me and Lana pooch here....our humans are preparing tea. Roasted veg and chicken. OUR FAVOURITE! We've noticed this week our human getting nervous with helicopters in the sky above. I think he believes they might think the bald patch on his head is a heli-pad.

I have yawned all day after this mornings walk. We have been in the garden twice. Chased the ball. I had to go through the gate and around to retrieve it from the farm field. The farmer has turned the grass and it's now plain of soil. Very good surface for footie. But we're not allowed on there.

We had no eggs today. We're not allowed chocolate. But we will chase some bunnies later if they're out and about. All in good jest of course. Lana is panting still, sounds like a steam train. She loves the ball and nibbling people's legs. I would ratehr sniff their shins and leave my scent. No-one seems to like us around here, not sure why.

The human called me 'Obstinate' the other day. He seems to think I enjoy having the lead put on me after a walk. I stand in the nettles and brambles for a reason. In hope he doesn't know I'm there. He stands there asking me to come out. But I don't move. I want to stay there and let him come to me. He is the one who wants to go home. Not me and Lana!

Anyway I am tired. The water bowl is my fav today. This heat is too much for us in furry coats. It's alright for our human who sits in his Shaun the Sheep t-shirt and Batman shorts. Though I am glad he doesn't dress like that outside. Those legs of his....i've seen sheep with better limbs.

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